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Glztt @ MundoRare: You were working on a connection between 360's Trouble in Paradise and DS' Pocket Paradise through the Xbox Vision Camera, but it didn't happen. It's easy to assume that this was a tricky issue, being a connection between systems coming from rival companies. However, you told 1UP the cause was solely that everything happened too late in the development cycle. Is it really possible that you didn't think about it before?

Justin Cook: The DS title was just about complete before we (on the TiP) team thought about the link. We did have it running but with the DS title about to go into certification it was just a feature too late. Shame...

Some of the new species

Rich @ RWP: Now that most of the broad questions are out of the way, I would like to ask something oddly specific: With the inclusion of new plants in VP:TiP, are we bound to see a thousand or so more Flutterscotch variants? Will they be more cooperative this time around?

Justin Cook: There are no more Flutterscotch variants, but I have played about with their requirements a little to make them a bit more interesting. I hope all the creatures are slightly more co-operative this time around, we tried to make their brains bigger.

Jim @ Piñata Island: Is there anything that you would like to share with us about Trouble in Paradise that hasn't been asked yet?

Justin Cook: I'm reluctant to tell you more about the game, because part of what we tried to do was give players somewhere to explore. I will say that unlocking the credits is more useful than it normally is in games, and I'll leave it at that...

Mario @ Rare-Elite: If you look at the game in a gameplay mechanic or technical aspect, what was the hardest thing to achieve in VP2, that did not get in VP1?

Justin Cook: When you have to synch up a garden full of stuff for 4 players no matter where they are in the world things become tricky. I think the online play works very nicely. It's a lovely change of pace to have a truly co-operative experience over live. The team has enjoyed whole days in each others gardens.

Trouble in Paradise screenshot

Mark @ DKU: How does Photo Mode work? How exactly can you print your pictures?

Justin Cook: Photo mode allows you to take pictures in your garden. The pictures can be stored on your Xbox 360 or uploaded to the website. Once they have been uploaded you have access to them through your PC. We've also given players the option of using the photo mode to create VP cards. So you can share your piñata with the world and people can scan in your picture and get an animal from your garden.

Francis @ Perfect Rare: Are there new human characters in VP2? And what are their roles in the game?

Justin Cook: We didn't add any new helpers. Costolot is great though. We have tweaked their behaviour to make them a little more useful.

Francis @ Perfect Rare: Is she back?

Justin Cook: Costolot is back. When it came to deciding where to concentrate our efforts we thought players would prefer new piñata species over new helpers.

Glztt @ MundoRare: As a Spanish speaker, I always loved the whole Mexican theme of Viva Piñata and its title. And knowing how much Rare loves to play with words, I felt a little disappointed when the titles of the sequels were announced. Why didn't you stick to the Spanish puns? Some people were already talking about Viva Piñata Dos or other easy references that many English speakers would've understood.

Justin Cook: Part of the reason was the link to the DS titles title. And once again perhaps we were stupid but I don't think VP Dos was one of the suggestions we came up with.

Rich @ RWP: If you had an additional month of development, what section of the game would you work on further?

Justin Cook: It would take more than a month but I'd really like to have a go at the shop interface. It works perfectly well but when we refreshed everything else there wasn't time to spring clean that as well...

Mario @ Rare-Elite: Are the romance dances still in... and what's your favorite??

Justin Cook: The dances are still there plus all the new critters have some new dances. It's tricky to choose a favourite but the Sarsgorilla is pretty funny, if only for the musical choice that's been made.

Agent_Icebeezy @ NeoGAF: What may have bothered you in VP1 that you were happiest to fix in VP2?

Justin Cook: Lots. It's easy to criticise your own work as soon as you can't do anything about it... I think we've made lots of improvements to the way the game plays. We've added new shortcuts and tools, and streamlined the alerts. Anything that makes it easier for the player to do what they want is good. And I've found this game to be more addictive than last time just because I can do what I need to faster.

Mark @ DKU: Was it intended for the fish in Paper Pets to be Roysten from the start?

Justin Cook: We always wanted a fish piñata. It's the only piñata in the game that you don't get. We always had Roysten in mind when it was being done but we weren't sure everyone would get the reference.

Glztt @ MundoRare: In addition to the photo mode, will we also be able to record video? Or at least have the possibility of replaying the most important events?

Justin Cook: You can see any cut-scenes that get unlocked, from the encyclopaedia. We don't have video recording unfortunately...

Photo Mode

Rich @ RWP Do you believe that a player who did not enjoy the overall feel of the first game would like its sequel, and, if so, why? What types of additions were made to appeal to a broader, potentially older audience?

Justin Cook: I think if you didn't like the game last time because there was lots to learn and there were lots of controls we've improved this. So you should give the new game a go. If you just hate having fun in a garden with papery animals then, things haven't changed that much.

Mario @ Rare-Elite: For VP2 you had to use the older concept. So you could only change smaller things. Is there anything that you would have done different in the core concept if you were the director of VP1? I mean if you could build the VP from ground up... what fundamental would you change?

Justin Cook: Not everyone has to like every game. That's a tough question. I can only really say that if I get to build a new game I want to try something different. We have seen the piñata attracted into a garden and their behaviour - so it'd be nice to see other aspects of life on piñata island...

Mark @ DKU: Ok, this is a silly one but I have to ask. Have you ever thought about making a platypus piñata? I'd love to see one. And what about extinct species? Showing them as a rare, forgotten kind of piñatas could make kids become aware of the problem with endangered species.

Justin Cook: We started work on a platypus for this very game. It was a cross breed like the Pigxie but we ran out of time... As for extinct species.... you tell me when you play.

Glztt @ MundoRare: Tell us about the toys. What are they for?

Justin Cook: The toys will entertain your piñata and allow you some cool customisation in your garden. The train will fill piñata with candy as they ride it so it's doubly useful...

Thanks for some great questions, everyone. I really hope you enjoy the game!


Acknowledges: We'd like to thank Rare, with Justin Cook and George Kelion ahead, for their chance to produce this feature along with the rest of the Rare fansite community.

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