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Mark @ DKU: Gruntilda said to wait until Banjo-Threeie at the end of Tooie. Assuming Nuts & Bolts is "Banjo-Threeie", will there be an in-game explanation as to why it's not called that anymore? Furthermore, in screens and artwork we've seen Grunty "fused" to a character. Is that Dingpot?

Gregg Mayles: That is Grunty's seat. She stands in this to control her vehicles; it is Dingpot, though. I'm sure we will make a comment that the name of the game is 'wrong'. Just like Kazooie bitches throughout the game that it would have been better with her old moves.

George Kelion: A CLASSIC!

BK Nuts & Bolts

Drew @ Banjo Universe: How big is this 'Showdown Town' exactly? There have been (almost unbelievable) rumors of its size.

Mayles: Yeah, it's been hyped up all silly. Size in terms of memory really. It's incredibly detailed; but not massive in physical size. It can probably be driven across in less than a minute.

Francis @ Perfect Rare: Why did you decide to make a completely different graphical style for BK3? You could have chosen to use the same style as, say, Kameo or Tooie.

Mayles: As with Viva Piñata, I wanted a distinctive look. The idea that all the worlds were 'constructed' like the player's vehicles fitted perfectly. Spiral Mountain is still the same, though; that's looks really nice. And we have some cool stuff planned for it: imagine 8 years of neglect... Banjo hasn't even moved his lawn.

Mario @ Rare-Elite: About cutting the grass... Pwef... This is a personal one; my First memory of the original BK was running through the long and fluid grass of Spiral mountain... Now the ground textures look very clean, but flat. Can we expect beautifull long grass and more 'filled' levels in stead of the clean/flat ground textures? You almost answered it already.

Mayles: Yes, long grass lovers everywhere will be satisfied with Spiral Mountain and Showdown Town.

Nick @ Roysten's Fishbowl: Will the game end with a quiz show? And will we be able to replay stuff like this via a replay machine of sorts?

Mayles: Of course there will be a quiz! Banjo wouldn't be Banjo without one! Ragarding replays, you can replay pretty much everything.

Paul @ Spiral Mountain Will Banjo & Kazooie be able to do any of their old moves or have they all been removed to make way for the vehicles? For example, I'm wondering how we defeat enemies in the platforming segments if there's no Ratatap Rap or Beak Bust or stuff like that.

Mayles: The Wrench provides the attacks. Banjo can still climb, edge grab, swim and slide, though. Running baddies over or frying them with a laser is far more fun than a peck though! We have some very daft attacks!

Alan @ RWP: So far, there has been just a glimpse of the things you can do with your vehicles (Propellers, Springs, Weapons). Would it be possible to explain a way to complete a mission that we've not seen, using a vehicle?

Kelion: Good question!

Mayles: Say there is a object that needs to be taken from A to B. How do you do it?

Do you make a vehcile with prongs to push it? Do you make a vehicle to carry it? Do you try and take it via water? Do you fly it there? Do you whack it as hard as possible and send it flying? Do you try and pick it up? That's without deciding how the terrain and th baddies will come into play. Do you go for speed? Do you arm yourself to the teeth and crawl your way there? But remember, the 'better' you complete the task the better your reward. So it's not just a case of 'complete the challenge and get a Jiggy' anymore. Each challenge has been designed to offer multiple approaches (and some we probably haven't thought of). Even with simple races (which there are some, but nowhere near as many as everyone seems to think) you choice of vehicle is key. There's nothing stoppping you using a plane on a water based race; some races require you to go on land, in water and in the air. Try building a vehicle for that.

BK Nuts & Bolts

Alan @ RWP: Has that happened during testing, that someone has just completed a challenge differently in a matter of seconds for something you planned to take a while?

Mayles: Yep. Some of the challenges are down to less than 10 seconds, whereas initially it may have taken a few minutes. When you discover new vehicle parts it completelly changes the way you think about the same challenge. That to me is the real difference over the previous games. No matter how good you were, you had to complete the task in the same way. Now you can keep searching for your own personal way and be the best.

Jeremy @ Rare-Extreme: I don't think anyone has talked much about the online aspects of the multiplayer or the solo mode itself. Is the multiplayer going to make much use of Xbox Live and will the co-op feature be available over Xbox Live or just offline? What about official Xbox Live ranking lists, swapping custom vehicles with other players, downloading new vehicle parts, the list is endless... Is Xbox Live going to be a selling point of the game?

Mayles: I'm not sure whether we are 'officially' talking about the multiplayer yet. But as I said, we have a small sub-team working on it. You can guess the kind of stuff we will have planned. We want to use Live in a way that compliments the radical direction this game has taken. It will not be an afterthought. You'll have to trust us!

BK Nuts & Bolts

Alberto @ MundoRare: (Ahem, Mark is really wondering if Merry Maggie Malpass will come back - but he is too damn shy to ask!). Er... anyway... :D Are David Clynick or Robin Beanland taking part in the soundtrack along with Grant Kirkhope? Will it be orchestrated? And any chances of being published by Sumthing Else?

Mayles: Merrie Maggie is not back as yet, but Jolly is!

Grant is writing most of the music, Robin is writing the rest. Dave is doing the production side and clever mixing stuff. We also have Steve Burke doing stuff too, so we have something for all Rare musician fans!

We are planning to orchetrate some of it, but as you can imagine, some of the weird Banjo noises aren't really possible from an orchestra, e.g. a ship's horn.

Never heard of Sumthing Else, sorry!

Alberto @ MundoRare: Oops, it's the company that published the Kameo soundtrack. And the PDZ and Conker ones, I think.

Mayles: Ah, ok. No plans as yet then is my vague answer.

Kelion: Vague and enthusiastic. I like it.

Mayles: OK, I think I need to do some work to try and make all these promises come true!

Kelion: Thank you all for coming along and an especially big thanks to Gregg for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with the community.

Paul @ Spiral Mountain Ah, I mean't to ask about the Jinjos.

Kelion: What would you ask?

Paul @ Spiral Mountain Well, what their role would be. Oh, and about Gobi too. I love Gobi *sniff*

Mayles: Gobi is there, but not as you expect! Jinjo role is currently top secret.

Right, that is it this time. I'm going!

No wait, one last super secret...! @Gregg has left #rare chat room

Acknowledges: We, as well as all the Rare fans, are grateful to everyone who made this feature and opportunity possible, including George Kelion and Gregg Mayles.

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