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Aegis Wing

Beyond the Asteroid Belt frontier, just orbiting over Jupiter’s skies, there is a vast world of ice and -perhaps- primitive forms of extraterrestrial life. It’s known as Europa, one of the four Galinian moons of the big lord of our solar system.

Beyond the European frontiers, in the American Xbox Live marketplace, there is a game that takes us to that icy land. It’s know as Aegis Wing, in honour of the shields of goat fur used by the Greeks to protect themselves in savage battles.

Only available for free for American users (or those smart enough to have a secondary American Live account), Aegis Wing is one of the most interesting XBLA titles to date. Clearly inspired on the classic Defender, it was developed in a hurry (only three months) by three Microsoft interns and the well known guys of Carbonated Games that have already brought us the amazing Hexic HD and the no less popular UNO, both for XBLA as well.

Aegis Wing is a quite simple ¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½but terribly addictive- side-view scrolling shooter that takes place in the year 2105 over the crimson skies of one of the most significant Jupiter's moons, Europa. Players are entrusted to pilot an experimental starfighter developed with stolen technology of Europa’s native alien race, the Araxia. Their mission is to gain control of that distant world, where the future of the Human race lies.

To achieve this mission, players can count on four types of offensive and defensive power ups: from homing missiles or aggressive lasers to electromagnetic pulses and shield-protective bubbles; all of these items have their own pros and cons and determinate different strategies. Moreover, possibilities are notably increased when players team up by merging their ships together, earning more destructive power in detriment of the starfighter’s top speed.

Only with this artillery, humans must face hordes of flying aliens and massive motherships thru six long levels, all of them with non interactive but cool three-dimensional environments and an appropriated epic soundtrack.

Sure the game is short. Sure it’s not hard enough. But being such an addictive experience in multiplayer, and available without paying any Microsoft Points at all, Aegis Wing is one of the best XBLA options that you may consider right now just for pure entertainment.

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